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when you type “fuck” but accidentally put “duck”


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When you live with roommates, you think that if you lived alone you’d be spending all your time happily drinking tea and reading books and dancing like an idiot while butt naked. These activities do happen, but you will quickly find that when you live alone most of your time is spent aimlessly…

i love you, but i will pretend we didn’t happen because that’s what you want now (via suchvodka)

How many of us wish the person that we thought about when reading this, thought the same fucking thing when they read it? Haha jk never

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did you forget about the nights when i left you voicemails because you were too sad to pick up the phone
or the times when i told you i loved you no matter how many times you tore my insides apart when you said i wasn’t the one you wanted
it’s been 3 weeks since we last spoke
and i couldn’t miss you more than i do right now
you taught me how to love
but along with that you taught me how to hate
i couldn’t hate myself any more than i do right now because i couldn’t be what you wanted
you taught me to hate myself for being me
but i still love you today
and I’ll still love you tomorrow
because no matter what you do to me
my love wasn’t something you could fucking borrow
i know you picked him
but my god i wish it were me


Enchanting Ballpoint Pen Art by Ler huang

on Behance, Facebook

Taiwan based artist Ler Huang creates these experimental drawings with just using a ballpoint pen. Her drawing mainly focuses on fashion illustrations, and female models. The main part of her art is transitions in subjects and geometry usage in her compositions. The illustrated figures look very realistic and I like how she layers the characters by using different colors. Check out the Ler Huang’s outstanding artwork.


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This fox pulls my heart strings

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